Jumat, 04 Mei 2012

lowongan kerja di pt pupuk kujang 2012

Jumat, 04 Mei 2012

lowongan kerja di pt pupuk kujang


Brief history of the PT. Kujang fertilizer (LIMITED) Cikampek

in year six [uluhan government is planning the implementation of improvement programs in the agricultural production in an attempt to meet the food needs (food self-sufficiency). To support government programs, the creation of a plant is absolutely necessary given the absolute need for fertilizers must be met in order to increase production in agriculture towards food self-sufficiency.

In 1969 has found a source of oil and natural gas in southern Jatibarang Cirebon and off the coast of West Java cilamaya Khanewal district. To take advantage of natural gas, then in 1973 the government has appointed the Ministry of Mines cq. Pertamina to carry out the fertilizer plant construction project in West Java. In cooperation with BEICIP, a French private company to investigate the possible construction of a fertilizer plant in West Java.

Limited International Bidding then held on May 30, 1975, with the chosen two well-known and trusted companies around the world to carry out development projects by the government of Indonesia fertilizer plant. The two companies are:
A. Kellogg Overseas Cooperation of the United States, with the following tasks:
a. Engineering Design
b. Construction
c. Ammonia Plant Start-Up and Utility
d. Coordination of Urea Plant
2. Toyo Engineering of Japan, with the following tasks:
a. Engineering Design
b. Procurement
c. Urea plant construction supervision

To finance this factory, the government of Indonesia has received a loan from the Iranian government of 200 million U.S. dollars to purchase equipment used urea plant. And for construction costs in the plant, obtained from government funds as equity investments in the country.

PT. Kujang fertilizer (LIMITED) Cikampek was built in 1975 and inaugurated on December 12, 1979 tanggakl by President Soeharto. And on 1 April 1979 PT. Kujang fertilizer (LIMITED) Cikampek began commercial operation

Company Locations
Determining the location of the plant is of great importance after the mill was held keleyakan study, the plant location was chosen in the area and Kalihurip Dawuan Cikampek, Khanewal district, West Java.

The reasons that support the selection of plant location in the area and Kalihurip Dawuan are as follows:
A. Close to the source of electric power Jatiluhur
2. Close to sources of natural gas cilamaya
3. Close to the source of fresh water waterfall
4. The presence of the river for disposal Cikaranggelam
5. Availability of land transport networks
6. Close to the marketing of Urea

For more details, location of PT. Kujang fertilizer (LIMITED) Cikampek can be seen in figure 2.1 Description:
A. Condensat Stripper
B. instrument Air
C. Ammonia Cooling Tower
D. Ammonia and Urea Control Room
E. factory Cosorb
F. Future Urea Pretreatment and Demin
G. Urea pretreatment and Demin
H. Control Room Utility
I. generator
J. Andco Unit
K. prilling Tower
L. Hitachi
M. Waste Heat Boiler (WHB 2007-U)
N1. Package Boiler 2007-U
N2. Package Boiler 2007-UA
O. Pengantongan Unit (Bagging)
P. office Training
P1. Gate 1
P2. Gate 2
P3. Gate 3
Q1. PT. Kuniseal
Q2. PT. Kurama survive Persada
Q3. PT. Kujang United Catalysts
Q4. PT. Peroxide Indonesia Pratama
Q5. PT. Multi Nitrotama Chemistry
R. Health clinics
S. warehouse
T. Maintenance workshop
U. north
X. Railway
Y1. ammonia Plant
Y2. urea Plant
Y3. Utility Plant
Z1. Kujang II Expansion Plans
Z2. Kujang II Expansion Plans
PP. Industrial Plant Equipment
MO. maintenance Office
LAB. laboratory
AAK. Construction tools
CBC. Security Bureau
ASP. Air Separation
PKP. Plastic Bags Factory
FS. Fireand Safety
TH. transformer Housing
GB. Together Building (Office of the Joint Venture Company)
GSG. Multipurpose Building
GPA. Central Administration Building
U.S.. ammonia Storage

three position to Apply a Job
Human Resource Departement Personalia PT. Pupuk Kujang Cikampek Jln. Jenderal Ahmad Yani No. 39
Cikampek Kab. Karawang 41373

requirments :
 1. Computer network :
  • Computer Experience in at least 2 years
  • Preferably a Certificate of CISCO / CISCO Certification training
  • Minimum D3

 2. Analyst system      : 
  • Experience in system analyst at least 2 years
  • Understand the PHP programming, Database mySQL and Oracle
  • Preferably a Certificate of CISA / CISA Certification training
  • Minimum D3

3. Programming           : 
  • Experience in programming at least 2 years
  • Master PHP programming, ASP.Net and database SQL Server and oracle
  • Minimum D3
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